How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Home

By | November 15, 2014

Getting rid of the bed bugs in the homes is one of the most daunting tasks many people have always faced. However, this is because they are not endowed with adequate tips that they can employ in a bid to finish the bed bug nuisance. But what are these bed bugs?

Bed bugs are simply small, oval-shaped, and brownish insects. They normally thrive on animal, and human blood. The adult ones normally grow to a maturity size of the apple seeds. Having fed on blood satisfactorily, their bodies normally swell and turn reddish in color. These insects have no wings and therefore cannot fly. However, they are very swift when it comes to moving on ceilings, walls, and floors. The female ones lay numerous eggs, though very minute ones over a period of time. Although bed bugs are perceived to be a nuisance, it is nonetheless imperative to acknowledge the fact that they are not disease transmitters.

Before you think of eradicating the bed bugs, it is important to know their hideouts. For instance, they normally enter homes secretly through couches, used beds, luggage, and clothing among other items. Because of their flat bodies, the insects are adapted to fitting in any tiny space. They hide in box springs, mattresses, headboards, and bed frames, where they find it easy to access people and suck their blood in the darkness.

Bed bugs are known for occupying filthy places and as the first control measure, it is prudent to live in a clean environment. As it works, the insets live purely on blood and therefore can always be found in immaculate homes too. this might be as a result of migration from a given room. Alternatively, a family member might have also taken up in a given hotel and transported them back into the house. This means that sometimes knowing their immediate sources may not be very easy.

Bed bugs can also be controlled by the use of pesticides. One only needs to visit a store to find an effective insecticide for the bed bugs. Though their bites are not painful, their nuisance is seen in the sense that they cannot allow you to enjoy sleep while sucking your blood. This means that spraying them with an insecticide can be one of the best remedies. This you can either do by self or by inviting a highly reputable pest Control Company for assistance.

Also, to effectively isolate the bed bugs from your home, treating the infested area is a remedy that can work. Primarily, you can collect all the items and put them in one place, then treat them with a chemical. Although this may not totally kill the pests, for the clothes, you should wash with hot way, at a temperature ranging to one hundred and twenty-degree Celsius.

Finally, exposing the hideout may also contribute towards the successful elimination of bed bugs. For instance, for the beds and word robes, it is wise to dismantle them to find the bed bugs with the spray. Employing systematic treatment and maintaining cleanliness is one step that will help you completely get rid of the bed bugs.