How Bed Bugs Infest Buildings

By | October 30, 2014
how bed bugs infest buildings

After a day’s work, everyone looks forward to good sleep, which when interfered with a night seizes to be peaceful and relaxed. Bed bugs are a hindrance to such a night when you realize that they are in your bed. These insects cause fatigue and lead one to become anxious. They are insects that are parasitic and they depend on blood. People who live in places that have tropical and temperate climates have the most encounters with bed bugs. Bed bugs are visible. They do not have wings. They have a specific smell that one can identify them with. The smell is usually felt after one takes the initiative of squeezing one between two fingers. They strike with a bite that is usually not painful. After which one experiences itchiness at the bitten point. If one was to compare what you would rather lose your sleep due to, no one would answer bedbugs. There are ways through which these insects infest buildings.

When one intends to move to a new place, it is common to park your belongings and carry them to the new place of stay. If you used to stay in a bedbug-infested house, it is very likely that bed bugs become part of the luggage. In most cases, one realizes this after your new neighbors begin complaining that they are having them in their houses. The best way to solve this is by ensuring that before carrying luggage to a new place of stay, wash your beddings and spray them with anti-bedbugs, a few weeks before.

Bed bugs spread in buildings from one house to another. Houses built in such a way that they are so close to each other have greater exposure to bed bugs. Everyone has their own lifestyle and one neighbor can be careless about cleanliness in his or her bedroom. Once bed bugs attack such, they end up a spread to other people.

It is common for people to have sleepovers. A friend may invite another to sleep at his or her place. This contributes to the spread of bed bugs from one building to another. Find a way to hide in the clothes one sleeps with. This is the case when you invite someone to your bed, considering that bed bugs find a way to hide in the It is advisable that when you sleep in a friend’s house, before going back to your bed, ensure you do not sleep with the same clothes and before taking them to the bedroom wash them and check them to ensure no bed bugs carried. This may appear offensive to the person who hosted you or the one you hosted, but they do not have to know or rather see you doing that. The wise men said some things are better when done in secret.

It is advisable to have your bedroom clean all throughout your stay in a building. This is one major way that the source of bed bugs is cut. When a building is clean, people who live in it, no matter how close to each other they are, cases of bed bugs become unreported and unheard of.