How Easy to Kill Bed Bugs

By | November 8, 2014

Bed bugs are one of the major problems and are very common in most parts of the globe. If you have ever dealt with their infestation, you probably know that they are quite difficult to kill and get rid of effectively – even with a little help from a professional exterminator or a public health officer. You may find bed bugs in /our sheets, under your pillows, in your bags, and even in your clothes which can be quite embarrassing. They are not only annoying but also pose a possible serious health risk; therefore, it is important to learn how easy to kill bed bugs. In this article, we will look at some of the best methods that have been proven to eliminate them from your home.

How to find them

Before you begin killing bed bugs, you need to locate them. The easiest method of locating bed bugs is to use a normal flashlight. Qualified exterminators use a small gadget called “pyrethrum” flushing area that is used to show the hiding locations of these annoying pests, but do not worry; your ordinary torch is fine – as long as it’s bright enough. Look for light brown or red-brown insects that have a flattish appearance and are about 4-5mm in size.

Getting rid of bed bugs

After locating the bed bugs, it’s time to kill them. There are different ways of killing bed bugs as you will see: Vacuum your house

Because bed bugs thrive in carpeting, mattresses, box springs, and other areas in your house, you can vacuum your entire house and beddings using a vacuum cleaner (use the highest setting possible). Pay close attention to all crannies and edges, where they like hiding. After you have finished, remove the vacuumed bed bugs immediately and discard the bag outside. You can even burn it to ensure that they all die.

Heat your bedding

Heat your bedding and clothes in a dryer at 120.0-degree temperature. The hottest setting will sterilize the bedding and clothes from the bugs and will kill both the pests and eggs. If you can’t afford a dyer, you can heat your beddings and clothes in the sun, which is very affordable. You can put your items inside plastic bags and then place them outside your house in the sun.

Use insecticide

The two methods we have described above are quite cheap because you can easily perform them at your house. However, they do not guarantee you that they will kill all the bed bugs. Some of them will survive and will continue to spread. This is where the insecticide comes in. You can be able to treat your house and get rid of all the bugs using an insecticide. There are different methods that you can use to kill them, but you should always choose the one which suits your case.

Repair you house

Repair your entire house, because the bed bugs can easily live in cracks as well as beneath your wallpapers. Use the recommended wallpaper glue to tack the paperback so that there is no loose edge. You can even hire a professional if you are afraid that you will not be very effective.

Dealing with pests is not as bad as you might think, take the basic pest control steps and once you have eliminated them, take proactive measures to make sure that they don’t return with a vengeance. It is always good to try the natural methods before going for the chemical or paid route.