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Bedbugs: Midnight Terrorist

Growing up, parents all over the country told their children, “Good night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” For decades, bed bugs, in America, were considered a myth. If you were born after the fifties, you probably never heard of the bedbug infestation. America had eradicated the pesky little creatures back in the fifties and they have not reared their ugly heads until now.

If you have never had bed bugs, count your blessings. You could not possibly imagine the torture bed bug suffers go through. Bed bug infestations are the worse type of infestation. Cockroaches were once believed to be the worse infestation a person could have in their home. They are difficult to get rid of and they multiply quickly. However, bed bugs have given the cockroach a run for its money. Due to government regulations, exterminators are limited in what they can do to treat bed bugs. With these limitations, relieving yourself of bed bugs is harder than it should be. Read More →

Bed Bugs and Pest Management

Bedbugs have become a real menace in many places and especially in our homes. Their bites lenders many sleepless nights and with swollen skin. If not controlled, they can cause health issues. Bedbugs and pests management is the steps and methods applied in controlling the spread and multiplication of the bedbugs and pests which eventually help in their eradication.

The best way to manage and control them is first to assess the place to determine if really there is bed bugs. In case turns out positive, it will help in selecting the best method to get rid of them. The essence of assessing is to confirm the Pres hence of bed bugs and identify all infested areas which will make it easier applying treatment tactics. Bites, bed bugs fecal staining on the sheets and beg bugs cast skins are a clear indication of an active infestation. Bed bugs like dark, hidden and inaccessible areas such as cracks, crevices, pillow cases, bed frames, piping among others. A thorough assessment and inspection should be conducted in all areas of the room without sparing any. Read More →